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December 2017

It was a stupendous 50th reunion as 535 classmates, with spouses, children and friends joining together in Annapolis. I have heard multiple stories of the heart-warming and emotional opportunity for Classmates to reunite with Companymates and team mates. Funny how the long fifty years since we threw our caps into the air, with the many miles in our wakes, have gone by so fast, but when we met again it seemed just like yesterday that we were mids living under Mother B’s gaze.

Stand by for a quick survey from us as we are already thinking about our 55th – which past AA records of recent 55th reunions - shows to be of the same relative size as the 50ths. Start planning on being there!

There is one big item remaining on our near-term Class agenda:
Wrapping up our ongoing 50th Anniversary Class Gift of raising $1,967,000 on December 31, 2017. As you saw in a recent email from me we have far surpassed our original goal of $1,967,000 and only have a final push to complete the Cyber Support component. On 31 December, we will have the final accounting for a job “well-done” by ‘67.

One last “Another Link in the Chain” (ALITC) event remains – the delayed graduation of the final members of the Class of 2017 in late December. With this graduation ceremony, our official duties are complete and our relationship with ’17 will enter the new phase of “alumni-to- alumni.” Again, many thanks to Jack Parry for his chairmanship of the ALITC program and to the many classmates who joined in one or more of the ALITC events over the past 4 years.

We do periodically open the ’67 Class Store for purchase of ’67 specific event or other project-specific items. When new merchandise is offered we email everyone who has a valid email address at the AA. The store is currently open with 50th reunion items for sale.

We are in the last stages of producing the ’67 50th Anniversary Book. The final print version is at the printers and we expect to have a definite mailing date shortly.

Thanks again to our editor-in-chief Ed Mills (our original 1967 Lucky Bag editor), Mike “Geno” Quinlan, Ed Kerins, Tony Wayne, Pete Smullen, Dick Glasow and Jack Macidull for taking on this momentous, and record setting production. The treasure trove of individual, personal reflections and photos as well as the Class history will serve as a wonderful resource in the future.

In particular Ed Kerins accomplished a Herculean feat in securing both our midshipmen Company pages and classified advertising revenue that brought the price of a book down to $25 from the original coast of $100 per book. BZ to Ed.

The book and attendant 2,600 pages of on-line entries will be a most cherished addition to our class, alumni, and individual family histories.

In fall of 2017 we cheerfully welcomed many out-of-town classmates and families to the ’67 Village tailgate at Navy home football games. We’ve posted a “Rules of the Road” link on the Calendar for our tailgates and a graphic of the location just outside Gate D on the Blue (Brigade) side of the stadium for future attendees. Put down 2018 as a year to join us in Annapolis as Navy enters its fourth year as a football member of the American Athletic Conference. Kick-off times may vary again this so stay tuned.

Away & Bowl football games continue to be wonderful opportunities for “local” classmates, and those coming in for the game, to get together at either/both a Class event and the BIG Navy pre-game tailgate. We put out this information closer to the football season commences. Two big game away from Annapolis is Navy-Hawai’i on September 1st and Navy-Notre Dame in San Diego, CA on October 27th.

We still have a few classmates in the “missing” category. We need your help in bringing everyone back into the fold. Your class officers continually attempt to find “lost” classmates and widows, and try to keep all “known” classmates from becoming “lost” again. To that end, I ask all of you to keep up the effort to find all of our 1,259 classmates who came together on our “I Day”- 26 June 1963. Turn in any and all “lost” classmates to me, Jim McNeece and/or Dick Meade! And, keep your own Alumni Association record up to date.

One last point, as we enter the new “later mid-middle age” …we are still only at about 75% members in our Alumni Association. I want to see us approach 100%, as USNA shaped and molded us to superbly serve and command these past 50+ years!

You need to be on the Class Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140114778285 and watch for class-wide emails for details.

We need to stay über-organized as a class and keep our role and reputation as a leader and integral part of our greater alumni body. We need to do our part to ensure USNA continues to be, now and in the future, the national treasure it is. Your officers can lead the Class much more effectively if we are all members of the Alumni Association. We use the Association’s considerable and robust database for all class communications, reunion services, and IT support services. Please ensure your profile is current and you are signed into Online Community on www.usna.com (click at “My Account”).

Again, our class Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140114778285 where we, over 450 classmates and spouses, are gathering many of our Class & family photos, videos, and news! (No politics, over the edge humor, or controversial topics – just “family” material).

As 2017 roars to an end I want to thank all who made donations/contributions over the past 4+ years to the Class ALITC Fund, and/or the Class of ’67 50th Anniversary Class project fund drive, and/or the Foundation’s Annual and/or Athletic Excellence Funds.

I ask all of you to consider making all your USNA charitable gifts over the next years while strongly considering staying or becoming, at a minimum, an annual Presidents Circle member. I also encourage all to consider the Planned Giving Program at the USNA Foundation and becoming a member of Robert Thompson Means Society.

We alumni need to do our part in ensuring that USNA remains the premier leadership institution in the land.

I again want to thank your class officers for their involvement and outstanding service helping me in achieving our overall goal of keeping ’67 a cohesive, caring, and enduring class. My heartfelt kudos to Wayne Savage (VP), Jim McNeece (Scribe), Jack Parry (Treasurer), Dick Meade (Web and Database Guru (“Dick of the Database” - DOTDB), and Steve Phillips (‘67 Store Manager).

Be involved, and in contact, often!

Go ’67!
Dave Church






'67 Sez:

Go Navy!  Beat Army!!!



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