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Another Link in the Chain
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1967 - 2017

Recall a verse of “The Laws of the Navy” which reads:
Upon one link in the cable,
Dependeth the might of the chain.
Who knows when thou mayest be tested,
So live that thou bearest the strain.

Another Link in the Chain is a unique program that continues to form bonds and relationships between generations of U.S. Naval Academy Alumni. The events bring together classes with a 50-year bond and demonstrate the tradition of respect and concern that exists between Naval Academy graduates. The midshipmen are buoyed and encouraged by the physical presence and moral support of the senior Alumni. They also are able to meet and hear from accomplished individuals of our class whose inspirational words leave a lasting impact.

In 2000, a new tradition was added to the program when the Class of 1950, in celebration of their 50th anniversary of graduation, personally presented gold Ensign/2nd Lt bars inscribed ’50-’00 to the newly commissioned officers of the Class of 2000. Many events have been added to begin with a welcome to incoming plebes.

Not only will the Class of 1967 play a key role in supporting the Brigade, but we will anchor our legacy with the Academy. We will initiate and sponsor activities that perpetuate our history, traditions, memories and growth of the Academy, and bind the Class of ’67 and ‘17 together. From Induction Day to Commissioning, we will become a living part of the Naval Academy legacy for the midshipmen. We will bring our unique frame of reference to those who follow our footsteps a half century later, engaging them with real life examples of personal character and service.

Events are subject to change with the desires of the Superintendent/Commandant.

4/C Plebe Year

(January 2013) Reef Points
Achievements of the Class of 1967, fifty years senior, are highlighted in the 2017 Reef Points, mandatory reading for incoming plebes.

(June 27, 2013) Induction Day Welcome Aboard Picnic for Parents and families of plebes The Class of 1967 (classmates and spouses or guests) are invited to attend the picnic, share stories of our I Day, and offer support and fellowship to the families of the new midshipmen just arriving. This event provides a wonderful opportunity for classmates to get to know family members of the incoming class. A table is set aside for our class within the information tent set up for the families. A representative from the Class of 1967 will address the parents and families. The Class of 1967 participation will be highlighted on the USNA AA website.

(June 27, 2013) Induction Day Oath of Office Ceremony
Invited members of the Class of 1967 will be seated in either the Superintendent or Commandants’ VIP sections. Following the ceremony, all ’67 classmates in attendance and families meet with midshipmen who are unaccompanied by family members at the Mexican Monument on Stribling Walk to congratulate them and support them, as well as offer use of cell phones for them to call relatives.

(July 19, 2013) Parade during Summer Training
An invitation is extended by the Commandant for a member of the Class of 1967 to be the official reviewing official of the parade. Viewing is open to all sitting with the general public.

(July 22, 2013) Honor Coin presentation affirming Honor and Commitment:
Occuring at the end of Plebe Summer, the short ceremony marks a transition from a “learning” phase to “living” phase of honor concept. The midshipmen are given an Honor Coin to be a physical reminder to values they are affirming. The Class of 1967 will provide an inspirational speaker to speak on the honor concept. A limited number of classmates will be invited to assist in distributing the coins to the Plebes.

(9-10 August 2013) Plebe Parent Weekend – Parent Forum - Parade
You are invited to attend the Parent Forum on 9 August 2013 in Alumni Hall from 1015-1130. The Superintendent, Deans, Athletic Director, etc greet the parents of 2017 and provide them with valuable information. The Class of 1967 will be mentioned and the Superintendent will point to your reserved seating section. Following the forum, parents are invited to the arena floor to speak with you as well as representatives from different USNA departments. A Welcome Parade will take place for Parents of 4C Midshipmen and members of the Class of 1967. Viewing is open to all classmates sitting with the general public.

(May 2014) Herndon Climb
The Class of 1967 will be invited to view the climb in a reserved section for 50 classmates and spouses/guests.

3/C Youngster Year

(late April 2015) Bonds of Gold (Ring) Ceremony
In 2003, the USNA AA took over the coordination of the USNA Ring program to assist midshipmen from creation of an initial design (in 4C year) to production, and ordering. Joining the ring program with “Another Link in the Chain” ensured that the ring tradition continues its rich history for many years, and that the ring experience is a highlight for every Midshipman. The midshipmen are encouraged to include the year group 50 years senior in their class crest design.

Early in the Youngster academic year, there is an opportunity for the Class of 1967 to donate Academy rings to be added to the metal for the new class’s rings. This is referred to as the Bonds of Gold. In the past many rings have been donated. The program concludes with a ceremony held in Memorial Hall with the owners of those rings who share the biographies of the ring donors. Though separated by 50 years, the “Another Link in the Chain” program and the “Bonds of Gold” ceremony will more deeply connect the Class of 2017 with the Class of 1967.

When the Class of 2017 receives their rings in the Spring of 2016, this bond will become a physical one, as each ring will hold a small portion of the gold from the Class of 1967 rings. Along with their rings, the Class of 2017 will also receive a biography outlining the history of each of the donated rings.

(May 2015 during graduation week) 3/C Youngster Luau:
At the end of 3/C year, the entire Class of 2017 meets for an informal picnic to celebrate being halfway through their Naval Academy experiences. The Class of 1967 is invited to join in the festivities.

2/C Year

(3rd week of August 2015) 2/C Commitment Dinner

This dinner is held the night before the first day of Fall classes in August. Members of the Class of 2017 will make their commitment to the Naval Academy for the final two years. During the dinner, midshipmen will stand and reaffirm their obligation to the naval service and the USNA Honor Concept. Representatives and guests of the Class of 1967 will sit amongst the midshipmen at their tables. An inspirational keynote speaker is provided by the Class of 1967.

(mid-May 2016) Class of 2017 Ring Dance
Members of the Class of 1967 are extended an invitation by the Class of 2017 to attend the 2/C Ring Dance.

1/C Year to Graduation

(late November or early December 2016) Service Community Assignment Night
A limited number of classmates will be invited to attend a dinner in King Hall in honor of service assignments provided earlier in the day.

(Late January into mid-March 2017) Battalion Receptions
There are six Battalion receptions for 1/C Midshipmen held at the Alumni House. These receptions welcome the Class of 2017 to their Alumni Association and will acquaint midshipmen with their Alumni House, as well as pass on information about the Alumni Association and continue to build the bond between the two classes. This event allows for a more relaxed atmosphere to mix and mingle with the graduating class. One member of the Class of 1967 will address the midshipmen at each reception.

(late May 2017) Color Parade
A limited number of the Class of 1967 and their spouses or guests will receive invitations to the Color Parade.

(late May 2017) Graduation/Commencement (Navy- Marine Memorial Corps Stadium)
Twelve presenters and spouses will receive an invitation to sit in VIP seating on the field at Navy/Marine Corps Stadium. The presenters will personally present gold ENS/2nd Lt bars to each graduating member of the Class of 2017. The bars are engraved with both years on the back.

(August and December 2017) Delayed Graduation
The six to ten midshipmen at each ceremony will receive the gold Ensign/2nd Lt bars from one Class of 1967 representative. Other members of the Class of 1967 may observe the ceremony.